Our Adventure

Founded in 2009 Survivor Paddy is a collective of friends with a passion for all things Adventure, Outdoors and Fitness.

This passion has resulted in a range of 3 day Wild Camping trips both in Ireland and Abroad that include a huge amount of challenging Hiking, Trekking and Outdoor Pursuits, we’ve also extended and progressed our adventures abroad to Scotland and Wales.  Beyond the hills and forests we had a Canoe adventure on The River Barrow, Ireland in 2014, and it doesn’t end there as we’ve plans in the pipeline for more Ambitious Adventures including Trekking in Iceland, no less, we hope to celebrate Survivor Paddy’s 10th Anniversary in Epic fashion . Watch this space!

The Survivor Paddy Lads….   Colm,   Derek, Mick, Trev,   Alan, Jim Bob,   Jay,   Garry,   Des

The Survivor Paddy Lads….

Colm, Derek, Mick, Trev, Alan, Jim Bob, Jay, Garry, Des

This site tells the story of our Adventures together and individually with some Video’s plus we’ll keep you up to date with Blog posts and Images.  We’ll be adding to the site all the time and happily share what we’ve learnt along the way. Individual members will share their personal adventures and pursuits from Fly-Fishing, Hiking, Boating, Stand-up Paddle boarding, Kite-surfing and everything else in between, all adventure related of course!

Our aim is to share our experiences and hopefully inspire and encourage you to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors as much as we do.

So, if you have a passion for the outdoors, or you’re on a quest for Adventure, enjoy pushing yourself physically and are constantly in pursuit of that ultimate sense of achievement plus a well-deserved pint of Guinness (of course) then check out our site and you too can live vicariously through our outdoor pursuits, we hope you enjoy them! 


The Origin of Survivor Paddy

My earliest memory of camping is struggling to put up this colossal family tent with my dad and brothers somewhere out in the west of Ireland, so I suppose you could say my love for the outdoors was born.

Growing up in a small town in Ireland you’ve got to be resourceful with what’s around you… Fields and Woods and more fields! I purchased my first tent when I was 12 and for Christmas that year I also got my first rucksack, blue aluminium framed Alpine Lowe.

The great outdoors has always interested me and living in the West of Ireland at the edge of Connemara we are spoilt for choice with Mountains, Bogs, Rivers and Lakes all on your doorstep.

In 2009 I came across a small book by Paul Phealan about the Great Western Way, a walk starting in Oughterard and finishing in Leenaun (it goes past Westport but for us Leenaun was far enough), I had read enough! I contacted my mate Mick and told him the plan, he was in, a three day camping hike across Connemara. An email went out to people who we thought would be interested and within a few days we had a committed a team of 6 willing participants for the first ever Survivor Paddy!

As I write this 6 years on, Survivor Paddy 6/7/8/9/10…..are in the planning stages. 

Written by Colm Murphy