Lugnaquilla in a day

Lugnaquilla 21/03/15

Weather: Sunshine, no wind, perfect visibility

Hikers: Derek, Garry, Alan, Maya the dog

Starting at the carpark at the end of Glenmalure road we took the Fraughan Glen route. We ascended the Glen staying to the right of the river. The path deteriorates as you climb this the toughest section before we emerged into an open bowl area. This area is normally quite boggy but today was grand. We decided to bear right to climb the gentler gradient to the lower part of the northern shoulder of Lug, crossing plenty of hidden unground rivers along the way. Once up on the shoulder it is a clear direct and steady climb to the left all the way to the summit. After lunch we decided to descend by following the path east to Clohernagh. The sensible option is continue past the post marking the boundary of the national park before desending to Arts Lough. We decided to descend north before reaching the top of Clohernagh which leads to very steep and difficult terrain. It was slippery underfoot with hidden holes and drop offs. This turned a very easy day into a bit of an adventure which included Derek sliding down a boulder with Maya (his dog) in his arms and Alan disappearing down a hole. Fortunately scratches and bruises were the extent of our injuries. The amazing Arts Lough was the reward, a stunning lake. From there we followed the fence line down into Fraughan glen, crossing the river to join the path/road back to the car park. 10 Minutes later we were drinking some fine Guinness and watching Ireland rack up a good score on    Scotland in the Glenmalure lodge.